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We have upgraded our site and would like you to head to to see our new site you can sign up now we have forums and more. head over and check us out!!!

We Are Moving

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As we want to increase our site and the capabilities we are moving you can still visit at this link will now bring you to our new site where we are integrating our posts. Unfortunately for those of you that subscribed you can now head there and subscribe to the new site. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Our second video review, made the same time as the video for the Magnum Uno. This video features a review of Epuffers E-Cigar D-1800. This Cigar had a lot more vapor and flavor then the Magnum and thus earned a clean diaper score of 3. quality was much better in this disposable however flavor, which was comparable to a weak cigar, could have been much stronger. The reason for weak flavor was due to 2 reasons, 1 because disposables use a low wattage battery and 2 because it was a no nicotine version (if you are considering purchasing this product I would suggest getting it with nicotine to have that full flavor).

If you want to know where you can purchase this item you can get it here direct from

I attempted my first video review however, I did realize after that I did not give the dirty diaper score. I guess that would be something to keep in mind. That being said there is a few items to note,  The flavor is very week in this product, this is due to a combination of factors 1 the battery power in a disposable is weaker then the charge kits and 2 because this unit had no nicotine value which effects the throat hit (you can order yours with nicotine if that’s what your looking for.) The size of this unit wasn’t a factor for me however the feel is, it feels slippery and very much unlike a real cigarette. I would say overall its an okay product could be good for the occasional smoker but not for a connoisseur. This product scores a 1 on the clean diaper side.

If you do want to try this product for yourself you can try it here, direct from

Video Reviews are Here!

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That’s right! Our first video review is posted. I will post it and the link to our YouTube channel in our next post. Be sure to follow us so you can get the reviews as they come in.

I really want to add to this site and I thought the best way to do this is to have guest bloggers and other opinions then just my own. If you are interested send my an email telling me about your self what you like and why it should be you. Emails can be sent to chris @ If you are interested you can get your own email @dadsjustknow. I will be looking for Dads and Moms but also any one with interests that could add to the site. Looking forward to reading your emails.

I as you know am the proud step father of a 4 year old little girl. She and her beautiful mother are my world! Of course sometimes it is difficult and even so, I would not change it for anything! Being a step father I have realized I have so many fears, hopes and dreams much the same as any other father.

I am scared that one day she will grow up and make the same mistakes as I did, which I hope she learns from. I am afraid that one day when shes older she will fall in love, and then she will have her heart broken, when this happens I hope she will know that she will always have me and she will know she is loved. I fear that as she grows and is struggling with her studies I wont be smart enough to help her, but my dreams fer her is that she will surpass my knowledge and succeed in fulfilling her own dreams.

These are the normal fears I have, unfortunately I also had 1 big irrational one. I was afraid that she doesn’t love me as she already had 1 father. I realized however this weekend, that fear was silly. I’t doesn’t matter that she isn’t “blood” as I can without a doubt say shes more like me then I would have thought possible.

Earlier this week when we picked her up from her dad she was after having supper, and actually she still had part of it with her. We took her home as we prepped supper she sat down with the remainder of hers. She had a burger.

For those of you that don’t know.. I love burgers and I love my burgers with fries placed inside. I know weird right. Well she sat down to enjoy her supper as we did ours. When I looked she had been out with her dad and was obviously thinking of me for she had placed her fries inside her little cheese burger.

When I see this all I could do was smile from ear to ear. It made my day!

We have a few reviews coming some I am very excited about. We have some games, electronic cigarettes (hopefully I will be able to kick this habit), and others. Can’t wait!

I have recently stumbled across this series while browsing Netflix and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. This was one of the best series I have seen and I actually enjoyed it from start till finish. Netflix has seasons 1-4 and season 5 I had to find on my own. Fringe follows a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena. If you haven’t seen this series head to Netflix and watch episode 1. Be warned watching this will interrupt your schedule as you will not be able to stop.