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We have upgraded our site and would like you to head to to see our new site you can sign up now we have forums and more. head over and check us out!!!

We Are Moving

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As we want to increase our site and the capabilities we are moving you can still visit at this link will now bring you to our new site where we are integrating our posts. Unfortunately for those of you that subscribed you can now head there and subscribe to the new site. Hope you enjoy 🙂

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t reblog this post. Really I love Zombies and there is probably a few I would have added to this list but they really did get some of the better movies.

Funk's House of Geekery

I don’t know what it is about zombies, but everyone loves them. Me included! The fact that I am even trying to make a list of the best ones of all time is an invitation for ridicule. This could be argued for days on end, but with the controversial World War Z movie hitting the big screen, I can’t help but think of the movies that got it right. So go ahead! Tear into me! I hope you choke!

PS: I started doing lists chronologically rather than ranking them, but this on is definitely ranked.


Honorable Mention: 28 Days Later…

This one gets an honorable mention because the creatures aren’t really text book zombies. They aren’t dead or re-animated, but they are scary as shit in my opinion. They have that pack mentality and rabid intensity where you don’t need suspension of disbelief to believe they could take down a…

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