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I as you know am the proud step father of a 4 year old little girl. She and her beautiful mother are my world! Of course sometimes it is difficult and even so, I would not change it for anything! Being a step father I have realized I have so many fears, hopes and dreams much the same as any other father.

I am scared that one day she will grow up and make the same mistakes as I did, which I hope she learns from. I am afraid that one day when shes older she will fall in love, and then she will have her heart broken, when this happens I hope she will know that she will always have me and she will know she is loved. I fear that as she grows and is struggling with her studies I wont be smart enough to help her, but my dreams fer her is that she will surpass my knowledge and succeed in fulfilling her own dreams.

These are the normal fears I have, unfortunately I also had 1 big irrational one. I was afraid that she doesn’t love me as she already had 1 father. I realized however this weekend, that fear was silly. I’t doesn’t matter that she isn’t “blood” as I can without a doubt say shes more like me then I would have thought possible.

Earlier this week when we picked her up from her dad she was after having supper, and actually she still had part of it with her. We took her home as we prepped supper she sat down with the remainder of hers. She had a burger.

For those of you that don’t know.. I love burgers and I love my burgers with fries placed inside. I know weird right. Well she sat down to enjoy her supper as we did ours. When I looked she had been out with her dad and was obviously thinking of me for she had placed her fries inside her little cheese burger.

When I see this all I could do was smile from ear to ear. It made my day!


My Other Child

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Other
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If you have a child you know that sometimes caring for said child can be difficult. You spend all your money on caring for the child and the majority of your time the same. It feels the same when I am speaking on my other child as well…. I spend all money trying to maintain care for and the rest of my time in maintenance. That’s right its my car. Now some of you may be laughing but when you think of it I know i’m right. Every so often my car gets cranky and voices its need for a change  (just like a child only with oil) next when I purchase parts (much like a child’s clothes) its either wrong when its bought or its quickly worn out. Then to make the best I have to feed it (I don’t feed my child gas- just my car- but yes I feed my child)  and with the increase in prices that starts to become next to impossible.

This rant is all as a fault of my vehicle who decides after I spent 400 on getting breaks done a month ago it now wants more work… ugh!

Bet you are now agreeing with my views though. I guess I shall have to see to my other child’s needs and hopefully it will be satisfied for a little while.

Today’s post came from my idea of wanting to get you involved in my articles (and maybe to draw in more readers, but hey isn’t that what this is all about). I decided to be creative today. I am going to allow you to come up with the reviews on a set product…. don’t worry you don’t need to buy it or anything, this is meant to be a fun creative post only not at all serious. I will post a clipping from a product and you rate and review it in the comments. Ratings are meant to be in the same format as the regular reviews, if your unfamiliar head over to the “How Reviews are Scored” page.

And here goes… The product to review is:

Unicorn Meat

This is a review that already exists on the product to get started


And of course if that’s not enough incentive let me help by writing my own.

4 Dirty Diapers

By Dads Just Know

I received my order today I was so excited to see that even with standard shipping it arrived quickly. At the price $12.99 with free shipping I expected only the best Canned Unicorn Meat to be delivered, how sadly mistaken I was!

When opening the can (after a large struggle with my can opener, which by the way is not meant for square cans… that’s a story for another time) I had realized my mistake quickly, the sparkle to meat ratio was way off and it was mostly sparkle with little meat. Which created another problem the magic content was then, of course, much higher then expected.

I realized too, at this point, that Unicorn Meat is a very gassy food, well that said I ate the whole can and between the gasses and magic sparkles every time I break wind I…. well there’s just no other way to say it… I fart sparkles and float. Its lucky I was indoors when eating for it was only the ceiling that stopped me from floating into the most outer limits of our atmosphere.

Unfortunately, eating this inside also created another problem as I swiftly floated into my ceiling fan and was thrown around the room much like a bouncy ball and broke nearly every thing in my path.  The effects were quite long lasting and it was only after a week that I started to loose buoyancy and float to the floor much like a balloon loosing its helium.

I would recommend heading this warning before your purchase as the company has yet to respond to my countless emails regarding my experience.

Now that I have done my part, you give it a try. Leave a comment with your reviews of this product and lets see how creative you can get!

So I thought that I would lighten everyone’s mood by sharing some of the best reviews I could find on Amazon. Now when I say best I mean the funniest!

How to Avoid Huge Ships

 As you can see this title alone would cause the sarcasm meter to jump off the charts, which is exactly what happened in most cases. However, one individual took this to a whole new level.

Avoid Huge Ships



Well as it goes without saying this is generally for use when your vehicle is in park. If you are like these people however, you may have missed that portion of the warnings.

Wheelmate Review


Banana Slicer

There were of course mixed reviews on this product. But not as you would expect….
slicer review 1

If you yourself become worried that your slicer may be of the wrong angle the read this review, it may put things in perspective.

slicer review 24.

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel contrary to its looks is an acupuncture device…..

Angel Review

Bet you didn’t see that coming did you…. OK you probably did but it was still funny.


Million Random Digits

I thought on the last one we could go with a bang so I give you three reviews from this book.

digit revies

Dads Favorite Sayings

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Other

Dads Favorite Sayings

I’m pretty sure we have all used these. For those of you that are new dads, you may want to review these as they will be used.

This Car Emergency Kit is a great step toward emergency preparedness. The large cordura like case is durable with room for supplemental items like food bars, light sticks, water packs or personal items. Stores easily with velcro strips on the back. Shipping is included!Want to be prepared for the worst? Win a Car Emergency Kit Here

All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of that page enter you email you will be entered for the draw.

I got my name in, do you?

I told you earlier this week I would tell you a bit about Newfoundland and why its a great vacation spot (especially for Dads) and here it is.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the most easterly edge of North America. This is where the sun rises first. Where Vikings landed over 1,000 years ago. This place is home to the oldest settlement and the oldest city in North America, but is the youngest province of Canada. A vast land, with a relatively small population, Newfoundland and Labrador has some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Here, you can immerse yourself in wilderness solitude one day and embrace a vibrant culture at the cutting edge of the contemporary western world the next. This is a land of rich history and natural wonders: stunning coastlines, breaching whalesicebergs, and some of the most incredible skyscapes you’ll ever see. With a temperate climate, Newfoundland and Labrador is a perfect place to enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking in the late spring, summer and fall, as well as sports like snowboardingskiing and snowmobiling in the winter. From vibrant cities to quaint, historical outports, mountain ranges, rivers, waterfalls and winding coastlines, there are always fascinating places to see and countless things to do.”

This information of couse comes from the tourism website that I have linked, but if you dont belive it here let some pictures tell you the story.




If Newfoundlands stunning sceenery isn’t enough to bring you to this beautiful island, maybe you are a person who enjoys the nightlife or a good party? Newfoundland has that too! You may have heard about a place called George Street? George Street is one of the reasons people from everywhere travel to Newfoundland. The two block long street houses nothing but bars, pubs and restaurants. George Street is only open to pedestrians in the evenings and during most of the business day, only being open to traffic in the mornings to allow bars to restock their goods. The street has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America, and is known to have bars that are open later than most others throughout Canada. The street does not usually become crowded with people until later at night, around midnight, and will remain busy until early in the morning, possibly as early as 6 am. Of course, George Street wouldnt be complete without mention of the George Street Festival which occurs in early August and typically concludes on the Tuesday night before the Royal St. John’s Regatta, which is set for the first Wednesday in August. The festival is rumoured to be the largest of its kind in North America with over 120,000 people making their way through the streets during the six-day period (I still have no idea how they all fit there, and I live here!)
Personally, I love the sereanity that is in the countryside where you can bring your family camping, fishing, hiking and enjoying eachothers company. Have a bonfire (dont forget the marshmellows) and prepare for the Newfoundlanders culture to take over! It’s garenteed to draw a crowd, most of which will bring some type of musical instrument and enrich your experience of Newfoundland in a way that you wont want to return to your normal life again.
That said dont take my word for it, come see for yourself, and for those of you that have leave a comment on how your vacation turned out.


Ok so I am all about the customer service, they could make or break a company…Literally! In the case of V2 Cigs I recently contacted them advising them of my site and how I have been in contact with a competitor ( who has offered me a chance to review their product, which I am very excited to do (just waiting until I have the funds to purchase the starter kit). In advising them this information I asked if they might also be interested in having consumer reviews to help reach more customers and of course give you the valuable information of what your are buying before you buy it.

Well this question did not go over well obviously, for here we are. I was told and I quote “our product testing is done in MIAMI, FL by our research team” My thoughts when I read this reply was that this person didn’t quite understand my question, maybe I should rephrase. Which I did my response “I think this was misunderstood as I meant for consumer reviews”.

As you can see at this point the conversation is off to the wrong start and I hoped this could turn around. I was mistaken! At no point could I have expected the response I received from this nor was it quite called for. It was actually quite rude. The representative replied “Well maybe you should buy our product and you could write what ever review you wish on or your own site if you have one”

That’s it the conversation was gone! “Chris has left the chat room”! Personally I don’t understand how this simple question and I quite from my original question “Does your company ever use consumer reviewers to review your products? As I have been in contact with a competitor to review theirs and wanted to offer you the opportunity to have this done as well.” At any point in this conversation do any of you see where this conversation has went down the road t has?

Personally I don’t see a reason for anyone to have had rude service from a company, I also know the customer is not always right, but, does it give companies the right to be rude and arrogant. This is one dad that dont believe so! If you can avoid this companies customer service you may very well have a great product, good luck if you wish to try!

V2 I give you a dirty diaper score of 5 for your customer service!

As you all are well aware I am new to blogging, but not to reviews. I have been reviewing products for companies for many years and only recently decided to upgrade. I am hoping to move to a new web address very soon and have a huge reader audience. This I know takes some time to build however I am hoping you can help. Its actually pretty easy all you have to do is share the URL with friends and family, subscribe to posts, comment on a post or follow us on twitter and Facebook or if you really want to see us succeed you can do all of those things. We would really appreciate it! Besides the more we can get our name out there, the more products we could review, and hopefully have giveaways (which we all know you love). To those of you that are following us now Thank You for your support!

Yes, you read that title right. The review I bring to you today is Mr. Fenis. You might be of course asking what in the name of… is that? First let me start by saying that here at dadsjustknow we support diversity and equality so while this product may not suit some of you it will be important to others.
Mr. Fenis is a product designed to bridge the gap between male and female urination. It is immensely important for those that are transgender (in case you wonder, that’s me!) and those females that spend much time in the wilderness or in public washrooms (as they get really disgusting!).

This product is made of a soft flexible silicon type material that comes anatomically correct (for female to male trans men) or regular version (for woman who may be interested in standing urination – The Fenis). I have found this product in theory quite interesting and had high hopes for its usability.

The flexibility has both pro’s and con’s as it is easily stored in a bag, pocket or wherever you see fit, but it also easily shifts when in use and can make a huge mess. The color for those worried about anatomically correctness is not great if you get the simple flesh color (it has the same color as a normal prosthetic). As for the products usability, it is stated to be easy to use with a little bit of practice (I suggest practice first with water to see the flow pattern, then in the shower for ease of clean up if you have a mishap). I tested this product many times and found for use in public it does have its downfalls as most devices will allow ease of use at a urinal, this does not. I would have to take off my pants to even attempt this, and really who wants to see that!

I tried this product over and over again to see if with practice this review might change, unfortunately my hopes for this were diminished. Dirty Diaper score of 4, time to take out the trash!