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Thanks to all who joined us in a Cheat for Charity we raised about 800$ between cash and food donations to support the Canadian Food Sharing Association! Great Job everyone indeed. A special thanks to the volunteers of the event and those who donated prizes and food donations for us to enjoy!



Heroes of the Blitzkrieg relives the desperate struggle at Blitzkrieg during the World War. You play as the Germans, French, or Belgians. The game’s interactive impulse system keeps both players neck-deep in the action.

The game includes six geomorphic maps that are scaled at 50 meters per hex, Approximately 510 counters, 16 skill cards, complete lock n load rules and module rules, 16 scenarios, player-aid charts and dice.

heroes 2

From what I have now learned from Lock n Load this game is on par with what you would expect. The boards are beautiful. The maps are all hex based and have gorgeous artwork. The counters are also gorgeous and clear in their information and artwork they are well cut and sturdy. Scenarios are printed on separate cards from the rule books making easy reference.  The most impressive aspect is the artwork and quality of their scenario cards which are separate from the rule books for easy reference. The only drawback is the inclusion of overlays/ a necessary evil to keep map boards varied.

The Lock n Load rules system is based on squad level tactical gaming. The rules are fast and the interactive/competitive dice rolling helps keep both players involved regardless of whose impulse it is. Most of the rules  are vague and complex especially for the new players. The rules do however, allow a player to try different scenarios to learn different rules aspects before tackling larger scenarios. Also, the mechanics effectively replicate challenges of firefights, but are abstract enough to actually allow you to fight a battle in near real time once you get the mechanics down.

The variable special rules, reinforcement arrivals, and surprise events help provide some “fog of war” to the solitaire player. Making the game as much fun playing on your own or with others.

Heroes of the Blitzkrieg has earned a great clean diaper score of 3. I have subtracted 2 diapers because the complexity/vagueness of rules and because it does not include scenarios for more the 2 players.

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Video Games Vs Board Game

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On the 22nd of June, 2013, the tabletop and video gaming communities of St. John’s will partner together in support of the Community Food Sharing Association for a fund-raising event called Cheat for Charity. Cheat for Charity is to take place in the College of the North Atlantic gymnasium, 1 Prince Phillip Drive, from 12:00pm-9:00pm, and is open to gamers of all types, whether you’re a seasoned Magic fan, or just someone looking to have a good time and donate to a worthwhile cause. The event aims to bring the community together in a celebration of gaming, fun, and human generosity. The event is a coordinated effort by NL Gamer, Goodwill Gaming, and St. John’s TableTop Community.

The charity mechanism of Cheat for Charity involves donating non-perishable food items and money for ‘cheats’ during the games held at the event. For tournaments and organized games, these cheats will have been pre-decided and pretested by our volunteers, and will range in price depending on the strength of the cheat. Guests are free to come up with cheats of their own to play during casual games. Along with tournaments in Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40k, Super Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye 64, and Pokemon Stadium, guests are welcome to bring their own games, or play single-run games from those donated by our volunteers and sponsors. Timemasters and Midgard Gaming have donated prizes for the Warhammer 40K and Magic: The Gathering tournaments respectively. In addition, various door prizes donated by Nether World Collectibles, Outcast Gaming, Downtown Comics, J Korean Restaurant, Formosa Tea House, and the Happy Hummus Hut will be raffled off during the event.

The number of tickets received will depend on the food item, or amount of money donated:

One Ticket: Canned Food, $2
Two Tickets: Crackers, Cookies, Muffins, Tea, Instant Coffee, Dried Pasta, Kraft Dinner, Cake Pastries, Peanut Butter, Granola Bars, Juice 1L
Three Tickets: Coffee Grounds, Large box of Rice, Cereal, Baby Formula

Join the event on Facebook and invite your friends:

I seen this today and got a little excited, so I thought to share.

Xbox One Review: The Accessories

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Here’s What You Get With Your PS4

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Tank on Tank is a board game created by Lock N Load Publishing, this game is a small board game consisting of 40 playing counters, 2 8.5″ x 11″ game maps, a players aid card, rule and scenario booklet, and dice.


Tank on Tank depicts tactical ground combat in Europe in the latter years of World War II. Its not based to scale as its suggested to be focused on tactics. The American units involved are Sherman’s, Wolverines Priests, Infantry and the anti-tank guns that fight alongside them. The Germans consist of Panzer IV’s, Tigers, WESPE’s and the Infantry and their anti-tank guns.

The back of the box claims Tank on Tank is a “smaller game that can be learned in less then five minutes and played during a lunch break”  I found this game can be that for those that have been into tactical games for a while however, for those that are not they will find this game to be a little more difficult. The main reason for this is the terms used in the rule and scenario booklet are based only around those that already have the knowledge of tactical war-games, having Wikipedia aided in this for me.

The game play itself can be completed in as little as 15 minutes depending on your level of tactical knowledge and for newer players could be upwards of 45 minutes. the game can be played solitary or against a friend, playing solo does of course take away the aspect of having the opponent as an umpire. This is beneficial as your foe draws an action point value and doesn’t reveal it until you have expended that many points, creating a clever fog of war system. It does have its elements that are luck such as rolling the dice for shots fired, but even in war they aren’t all hits.

I found this game to be a little over priced for the details on the components. The maps are printed on a high gloss thick paper and are quite flimsy (this does however, make it easy to transport if you are using this as a quick go to for lunch breaks at the office) The counters I found were of excellent sturdiness but, much like the game maps, lacking in artwork.

If you like a quick tactical game this game is a good go to (really, what other game do you own that you can set up in 5 minutes and play in 15?) If you are looking for a scale game with factors like weather, morale, smoke, detailed terrain, etc you may want to look elsewhere as you would be highly disappointed (and what did you expect I did tell you it was based on tactics!)  Tank on Tank earns 1 Dirty Diaper.

Click Here here to order Tank on Tank direct from Lock N Load Publishing.

Title quoted from the post off Table top and video gaming communities of Newfoundland have come together to present Cheat for Charity. Held on June 22, 2013, Cheat for Charity is to take place in the College of the North Atlantic gymnasium and cafeteria from 12:00pm-9:00pm.


The way Cheat for Charity works, for those of you that may not be aware, is pretty basic. Donate non-perishable  food items to get “cheat tickets” that can be used toward any of the table top tournaments or video games.

The game tournaments that are available are Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer 40K, Goldeneye 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Pokemon Stadium, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Guests are encouraged to bring their own games if those that are listed are not of interest.

And what tournament would be complete without prizes. So to give something worth your time (besides of course helping a charity in need) We have Prizes! Prizes are in donation from local hobby shops and business, authors and possibly more!

Come check out Cheat for Charity, bring the kids and help out your local food bank!

I have opened the first of many games that are awaiting review and that game is All Things Zombie from Lock N Load Publishing. Unboxing this game I was told by my wife I looked like a “kid in a candy shop”, clearly she has never seen me in a candy shop! I was very excited about this one the box alone looked like it had a lot of work put into it, great artwork and sturdy. Of course this meant I expected the same on the game pieces and board.

ATZ Inside the box was 90 large Zombie and Survivor counters, 88 smaller counters representing some loot items, wounds, searched tiles for buildings, etc. four back printed 11″ x 17″ maps, a 24 page rule book, survivor status cards, a players aid card and 6 dice. While I am still in the middle of game play I am confident I can give a fair review.

I started by analyzing the manual which at first was very confusing (to a new gamer) so I decided to set up the game and learn by playing. I would suggest this to any new player, it still takes a little time but once figuring it out its quite a fun game. That being said I still don’t know all “the rules” but I am catching on much quicker now that I have been playing with it.

This game can be played alone or with up to 6 friends. You can play against or versus your friends based on which game scenario you choose. There is a campaign with championship round and skirmish scenarios, the campaign is more structured in what items and survivors are played while the skirmish allows you to randomize and pick weapons and survivors based on a point system. While learning I would suggest playing with (your friends) instead of versus as the zombies that will ensue survivors are enough competition for a beginner. Solitaire play-ability 10/10 due to the scenario games.

For this game I would suggest to the publishers to add in a little more detail on the game board I would have expected to see more details like cars blocking roadways, fires blocking areas, etc. overall, you would not focus on these items but for a detail fanatic it does add to the realism. The game rules could be made simpler by adding some general information for new gamers The rule book is color and has some pictures, personally I thought one of the things they could add is picture demonstrations. I would also suggest to have placed the campaign scenarios on the same type of cards as the survivors status cards rather then in the rule book for easy reference.  Complexity scores a 6/10.

This game is quite entertaining and you can waste away the better part of an afternoon or evening playing this game so we think it has earned 3 clean diapers. Only for the lack of detail on the board map and complexity of the game rules it would have gotten a 5. Great work Lock N Load Publishing and game designers!

Click here to purchase All Things Zombie directly from Lock N Load Publishers.