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I recently had the privilege of trying Kellogg’s Krave cereal, while at first I was quite skeptical of this product I decided to try it anyway. This “crispy cereal with a smooth chocolatey center” (as quoted from the box) is a source of fibre, 8 essential nutrients and trans fat free (again quoted from the box).  

I decided to taste this in dry form as I am a person who enjoys to snack on cereal. I was blown away it tasted great! it was a little sweet but overall quite tasty. To help with the sweetness a glass of milk on the side or bowl of cereal with a little milk over this would defiantly be a delicious treat for the morning.

Unfortunately as I stated it would be a treat most of these cereals are designed for our kids and to think on giving our children 12 grams of sugar to start their day does not give me a good feeling, mainly because I know the rest of the day I will have a hyper 4 year old running circles around me until she finally crashes off her sugar high and I have a headache and all this before lunch time.

That said, what of all the spelling errors on the box? Are all those adults eating this cereal each morning before heading to work to create and print this masterpiece, if so it doesn’t give me much hope for my child going to school… “Just Sayin'”

Point is this cereal tastes great and most likely will rot your child’s brain! This review is stinking up the house with a dirty diaper score of 3.       


We as Dads know that quick lunches are important in our busy lives, of course we all also worry about value of that meal in both cost and nutrition. McDonald’s recently launched in Canada its new signature wraps showing them to be the healthier alternative to their sandwiches.
That being said this dad wanted to see what the fuss was about and set out to try this new item. The family and I piled into the truck and headed for McDonald’s. I placed our order and received our new signature wraps. Personally I find the grilled chicken bland and buttery so I went with crispy. The nutritional value for the wrap I had chicken and bacon is actually comparable to a Big Mac. The wrap having 600 calories in its 230 grams as well as 33 grams of fat while a Big Mac having 540 calories in its 209 grams with 29 grams of fat. As you can see it’s not actually that much different in nutritional values. The cost also was not a big difference.
Generally a Big Mac sandwich cost roughly 4.49 plus tax and the wraps 4.99. While I believe the cost is high it still is comparable to other meals. They do come in different flavors which is nice there is the one I had Chicken and Bacon, and also Fiesta and Sweet Chili. The taste is something that is not what I should expect they were fresh including all the produce and very flavor-able. Actually quite tasty unfortunately not very filling for the cost. I alone ate 3 that is $15 before counting fries and a pop. They come neatly in a box that is opened by a rip tab and leaves you holding the bottom half keeping the wrap neat and easy to handle.
Based on all the facts I give a dirty diaper score of 3. The nutritional value and cost leaves this dad a bad taste in his mouth.