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Our second video review, made the same time as the video for the Magnum Uno. This video features a review of Epuffers E-Cigar D-1800. This Cigar had a lot more vapor and flavor then the Magnum and thus earned a clean diaper score of 3. quality was much better in this disposable however flavor, which was comparable to a weak cigar, could have been much stronger. The reason for weak flavor was due to 2 reasons, 1 because disposables use a low wattage battery and 2 because it was a no nicotine version (if you are considering purchasing this product I would suggest getting it with nicotine to have that full flavor).

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I attempted my first video review however, I did realize after that I did not give the dirty diaper score. I guess that would be something to keep in mind. That being said there is a few items to note,  The flavor is very week in this product, this is due to a combination of factors 1 the battery power in a disposable is weaker then the charge kits and 2 because this unit had no nicotine value which effects the throat hit (you can order yours with nicotine if that’s what your looking for.) The size of this unit wasn’t a factor for me however the feel is, it feels slippery and very much unlike a real cigarette. I would say overall its an okay product could be good for the occasional smoker but not for a connoisseur. This product scores a 1 on the clean diaper side.

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As a smoker with a family one of my main goals has always been to quit. Unfortunately, this has always been a difficult task so I thought there has to be something out there that works… I have tried the patch, the gum and even bought forms of electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers nothing worked. I did however,  notice I had the most success with the latter. I thought that maybe I had purchased a bad set so I have been on a mission to find the best of the best. I have been in contact with a few companies, the most recent being Ozone Smoke who will be sending a sample pack to have reviewed. I will provide you with the details once I receive the product however if you decide you want to check on your own first check it out here.