My Other Child

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Other
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If you have a child you know that sometimes caring for said child can be difficult. You spend all your money on caring for the child and the majority of your time the same. It feels the same when I am speaking on my other child as well…. I spend all money trying to maintain care for and the rest of my time in maintenance. That’s right its my car. Now some of you may be laughing but when you think of it I know i’m right. Every so often my car gets cranky and voices its need for a change  (just like a child only with oil) next when I purchase parts (much like a child’s clothes) its either wrong when its bought or its quickly worn out. Then to make the best I have to feed it (I don’t feed my child gas- just my car- but yes I feed my child)  and with the increase in prices that starts to become next to impossible.

This rant is all as a fault of my vehicle who decides after I spent 400 on getting breaks done a month ago it now wants more work… ugh!

Bet you are now agreeing with my views though. I guess I shall have to see to my other child’s needs and hopefully it will be satisfied for a little while.


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