5 Amazon Products with the Funniest Reviews

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Other

So I thought that I would lighten everyone’s mood by sharing some of the best reviews I could find on Amazon. Now when I say best I mean the funniest!

How to Avoid Huge Ships

 As you can see this title alone would cause the sarcasm meter to jump off the charts, which is exactly what happened in most cases. However, one individual took this to a whole new level.

Avoid Huge Ships



Well as it goes without saying this is generally for use when your vehicle is in park. If you are like these people however, you may have missed that portion of the warnings.

Wheelmate Review


Banana Slicer

There were of course mixed reviews on this product. But not as you would expect….
slicer review 1

If you yourself become worried that your slicer may be of the wrong angle the read this review, it may put things in perspective.

slicer review 24.

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel contrary to its looks is an acupuncture device…..

Angel Review

Bet you didn’t see that coming did you…. OK you probably did but it was still funny.


Million Random Digits

I thought on the last one we could go with a bang so I give you three reviews from this book.

digit revies


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