The Energizer® XP2000: Energi-To-Go Charging Kit.

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Gadgets
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I had purchased a battery pack for my phone, it was an older version of the Energi-to-go brand that exists now, it was called an Eneristick. Well they end result I was out 50$ as this thing while compact was useless, from day one it didn’t work. I reached out to Energizer and in return was rewarded with the Energi-To-Go XP2000. This is actually what started my reviewing products. So what better way to start my blog is to begin where it all started. So here goes, we have all been there right? Were out somewhere and we need to make a call home (The wife wants us to pick something up, but darn! what was it?) we take our phone out and the battery has been depleted. First thing we do is panic; we can’t go home with out…. whatever it was…., but wait we have that battery charger, our buts are saved! Energizer claims the:

The Energizer® XP2000 rechargeable ultra slim portable charger is guaranteed to provide smart phones up to 1 full charge, and cell phones up to 3 full charges! Great for music or portable gaming devices too.

· Easy to Use Just plug it in for instant power

· Green Energy Star certified with full charge auto shut off

· Lightweight No more bulky AC adapter’s and messy cords

· Rechargeable up to 500 times

· Reliable Longest industry 3 year limited warranty”

Of course, this is taken direct from their website (in case you want to look for yourself). I was excited to see such a claim as this is something that can easily be carried on your person and a lifesaver when its needed. Overall I can’t say their claims are unwarranted but not all together accurate.


        First of all when you receive this product it is in a wonderful sturdy case branded of course with Energizer and the web address and zippers open. This case is quite bulky/large if you plan on carrying the full set with you everywhere, not necessary though as you could just take the tip you need along with the charger. If you’re a woman and carries a bag or a backpack for some of you gentlemen this is not an issue.

         The charger itself has a high gloss finish which to some may be an issue as it can be fingerprinted easily. It is very lightweight and with the button on the front it clearly lets you know that it needs charging through the Led display.

          The tips included allows multiple devices to be charged (Motorola, Blackberry, Apple, Nokia, etc.) You may also find useful that you can register your product and serial number (located on the back of the charging pack) and get 2 free tips per year for the life of the product.

          The kit includes also the tip that will charge the device itself and the adapter for car and home outlets thus can be charged on-the-go as well which an added bonus is if you’re often away from home or an outlet.

           Charging a device is quite simple as you select your tip plug and charge. the charge itself can be time consuming but if you can still use your device while its charging. The claim of being able to charge a cellular device three times before needing to charge the XP2000, while I have not attempted, I don’t think would be possible. I have used this on my phone and I was able to give it almost a full charge once. I have fully charged the device and I am going to attempt to give my phone three separate charges and see if it works. (you may want to stay tuned for an update on this).

***Update- it didn’t work Fully charged I was able to retain 1.5 charge on my cell with the kit fully charged***

Overall I love the charger and its quality, it does have its downsides, but the good quality will out way them if your anything like me. Overall I am giving the XP2000 3 clean diapers. While it is useful to have, at a retail value of  59.99 (price approximate), this dad is not fully convinced that it is worth it.


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