Mr. Fenis

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Other
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Yes, you read that title right. The review I bring to you today is Mr. Fenis. You might be of course asking what in the name of… is that? First let me start by saying that here at dadsjustknow we support diversity and equality so while this product may not suit some of you it will be important to others.
Mr. Fenis is a product designed to bridge the gap between male and female urination. It is immensely important for those that are transgender (in case you wonder, that’s me!) and those females that spend much time in the wilderness or in public washrooms (as they get really disgusting!).

This product is made of a soft flexible silicon type material that comes anatomically correct (for female to male trans men) or regular version (for woman who may be interested in standing urination – The Fenis). I have found this product in theory quite interesting and had high hopes for its usability.

The flexibility has both pro’s and con’s as it is easily stored in a bag, pocket or wherever you see fit, but it also easily shifts when in use and can make a huge mess. The color for those worried about anatomically correctness is not great if you get the simple flesh color (it has the same color as a normal prosthetic). As for the products usability, it is stated to be easy to use with a little bit of practice (I suggest practice first with water to see the flow pattern, then in the shower for ease of clean up if you have a mishap). I tested this product many times and found for use in public it does have its downfalls as most devices will allow ease of use at a urinal, this does not. I would have to take off my pants to even attempt this, and really who wants to see that!

I tried this product over and over again to see if with practice this review might change, unfortunately my hopes for this were diminished. Dirty Diaper score of 4, time to take out the trash!


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