This is also something a little different then your regular consumer products but as I read it I felt it needed to be discussed here. Brian Keene is an author who in his writing can bring you to places of your imagination that you have probably not visited since being a child. That being said if you were in these places as a child you may need psychotic treatment.
The Rising is set in the center of a Zombie Apocalypse whereby the protagonist is Jim Thurmond. Jim is a construction worker living in West Virginia with his second wife and unborn child, his first wife lives in New Jersey with their son Danny. When we first start reading Jim is hiding in a bomb shelter after fighting hordes of zombies many of which were close friends, neighbors and his pregnant wife. Jim is distraught while thinking of the recent events and his son Danny and considering suicide when unexpectedly his cell phone rings. Danny whispers words of desperation as he is telling his dad that he too is trapped hiding from the monsters and he is scared. Jim’s suicide thoughts are quickly diminished and a new purpose is formed, saving Danny.
My Thoughts:
This novel is well written and keeps you interested from start to finish. Brian Keene makes it so easy to put yourself in the mind of the protagonist and while you may be safe while reading this book you will feel as though you yourself is in the situations and rooting for Jim to make it to save his son. It can be very descriptive for those of you that may not enjoy gore or horror this may not be your “cup of tea”. For anyone that enjoys being on the edge of your seat and like to feel so involved in the story line that you too are looking over your shoulder on every page, then you will want – no, you will need – to read Brian Keene’s The Rising. Actually, You may want to pick up all of his books or digital copies (if you have an e-reader). Brian Keene you’ve earned a fresh clean diaper score of 4.


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